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Capacitors Manufacturer

Thyristor Switched Automatic Harmonic Filter Panels Semi Automatic Tube Filling Machine

Switching off capacitors at precise 0 current crossover threshold, meaning 'no' inrush current at switching "ON Instant", No generation of voltage or current spikes surges and harmonics. More...

Contactor Switched Automatic Harmonic Filter Panel Fully-Automatic-Tube-Filling-Machine

Automatically controlled power factor regulation, low installation cost. Harmonic filters are in detuned mode (133Hz, 189Hz) and effectively reduce at 5th, 7th harmonics More...

Tuned Harmonic Filter Panel High-Speed-Tube-Filling-Machine

Harmonic filters consist of capacitors connected in series with Reactor. The capacitors produces reactive power at the filter's fundamenta

Detuned Harmonic Filter Panel Container Tube Filling Machine

Detuned filter are designed to used for power factor correction in systems where harmonics are generated by nonlinear loads,

Switching Contactor Capacitor Chyawanprash Filling Machine

Patented design with significant damping on inrush - current Long-life contactors tested by FRAKO up to 100,000 switching operations Suitable

LT Capacitors Volumetric Bottle Filling

Self-healing at over voltage. Reliable in operation because of segmented film. An over pressure disconnector disconnect the capacitor from

About Clariant Power

Clariant Power System Limited introduce as one of the leading manufacturer in Reactive Power Management System and Power Quality Improvement in India over a decade, in business association with FRAKO Kondensatoren- und Anlangenbau, Germany which pioneer in the field of Reactive Power Management Schemes over 100 years as no. 1 company in Europe. More...

Clariant Power System Limited
Contact Person : Mr.Tushar Deshmukh ( M. D. )
Address: 'Clariant House' , 799 / 1A,
Bhandarkar Road, Pune – 411 004,
Maharashtra, India.
Mobile: +91- 98811 96102, 95525 65275
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