global presence


Doing business where business is done. We have our presence in the country with which everyone wants to trade. 


Our presence in the country of the kangaroos and one of the most versatile lands is an excellent business opportunity.


In the country of sheikhs and sultans, our business is well oiled and smooth. 

Saudi Arabia

In a country with a rich legacy and the world’s largest petroleum liquids, we aim to leave a legacy of fluid-like business.


A small yet soveriegn state is the true power of  Bahrain that powers its people and trade. 


Carrying out business in the country with the highest-valued currency is no small feat. 


In a country of over 500 languages and several religions, Clariant Power Systems is the one company helping with power soultions. 


Business with emerging and developing country with  growing man power and skilled personnel   is our pleasure.


It’s always a pleasure to have ventures with countries of different diversities and traditions and we are sure of having an amazing time doing business.


The royal kingdoms like Oman has has opened its doors to newer opportunities to have expand our companies in this crown jewel of Arabs.