lt Capacitors

FRAKO power capacitors offer ‘Made in Germany’ quality and form the optimum basis for both fixed installed capacitance for specific duties and controlled power factor correction systems. Our power capacitors incorporate a fourfold safety system for maximum operational reliability. They are the first choice when consumers worldwide need to reduce reactive power, improve power quality and avoid charges for reactive demand.


  • Self-healing at over voltage
  • With having segmented film, it is reliable in operation
  • The capacitor is disconnected by an over pressure disconnector while the condition of dangerous overloading
  • High overload capacity
  • Long life expectancy
  • Safe reaction while overloading
Technical Data
1 to 40KVAr Heavy Duty Capacitor
Dielectric Material
230V to 800V AC (Other voltage ratings on request)
Power Loss
< 0.2 watt/kvar
Inrush Current
450 times of rated current
Over Current Capacity
2.7 times of rated current
Patented terminals offer fast, anti-vibration and maintenance free wiring
Dry type, environmental friendly
Self-healing, segmented metallization, over pressure disconnector
Patented Contact rings for solder less end connections
UL/CSA certified, BIS certified for Indian market.
Standard : IS 13340 / IEC60831
  • Available versions in three-phase capacitors:  Standard, Basic and Premium.
  • Available versions in single-stage capacitors:  Standard
  • Temperature class : upto-40°C; +65°C

All Power Factor Capacitor must have a discharge device, as per the IEC 60831 standard. Within 3 minutes, this assures a discharge to 75V as a safeguard against electric shock. Discharge resistors have been incorporated by FRAKO capacitors, which promise a discharge below 50V within one minute.

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