FRAKO Kondesatoren - and Anlangenbau, Germany

• 1928: established as “Frankfurter Kondensatoren GmbH”

• 1949: production of power capacitors starts

• 1957: PFC systems from FRAKO

• 1975: development and production of Power factory control relays.

• FRAKO was one of the first capacitor manufacturers to change from PCB- impregnate paper foil

Capacitors to MKP (metalized PP) capacitors

• 1979: MKP power capacitors

• 1981: FRAKO marketed a microprocessor to keep the target PF at high load

• 1984: a new range of power capacitors – the FRAKO LKI – in low loss.

• 1985: Filter circuits for networks distributed with harmonics

• 1991: the first self adapting power factor control relays from FRAKO

• EMR 1100, RM 9606 – the plug and play control relays

• 1993: the new automatic asse > 20000 lamp capacitors per day.

• 1990: FRAKO maximum demand controller to reduce loan peaks.

• 1997: first applications with Active filter for the Specific

  Compensation of harmonic distortion.

• 1998: Fast and wear resistant PF compensation with thyristor switch.

• 1999: FRAKO C module, the most compact 100 kVar module, allows 400 kVar in a standard cabinet with 400 mm depth.

• 2000: LKT 30- 440 , a phase 30 kVar capacitor in LKt Technology

• 2004: Launch of the modular EM-system EMIS with Eternet connection and interface for devices

• 2005: Frako-Kondensatoren-und Anlagenbau GmbH- has set the course for further growth by opening a new production hall for the capacitor manufacturing .The sales organisation has been reformed & sales areas in Germany have been restructured.

• 2006: Frako extends the product range of power factor correction systems & increases the rated power per cabinet to 500 KVAR.

• 2008: Frako is the 1ST manufacturer to use segmented film for the production of self healing power factor correction capacitors.

• 2010 : FRAKO optimises its sales organisation and forms independently operating sales teams for international regions.

  FRAKO is one of the first companies in Germany to be certified to EN 16001.

• 2012 : FRAK presents the fourth generation of active filters at the Hannover Messe trade fair. FRAKO is certified to E