Thyristor Switching Module

Clariant’s Thyristor Switching Module is a fast electronically controlled, self-observing switch for capacitive loads which is capable to switch PFC capacitors within a few milliseconds as often and as long as required without abrasion. Triggering of thyristor is done by means of dynamic power factor relays.

Technical Data
System Voltage 380V to 750V AC available
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Stage KVAR Available from 50 KVAR to 200 KVAR
Control Supply 12 V to 24 DC
LED indication Thyristor ON (R & B ph ON) LED, +12V LED, +5V LED, Temp OK LED, Fan ON/OFF LED, SCR ON/OFF
Mounting Position Vertical, minimum 100mm distance upwards & downwards
Assembly Direct mounting on Mounting Plate
Cooling Forced Cooling
Protection Over temperature, dv/dt protection
  • Zero Cross Over Protection – Zero voltage switching ‘ON’ and Zero Current switching ‘OFF’.
  • Line Surge Protection, Protection for Harmonic Amplification, Over-Heat Protection, Wrong phase connection protection.
  • Self-isolation of Thyristor Triggering Circuit to protect the thyristor from leakage voltage.
  • Auto Synchronizes with Main Power Line, automatic thermal cut off, isolation for electronic components up to 1.98KV.
  • Compact Module, easy for connections.
  • Compact Module, Easy for connections and user friendly operation.
  • No transients, no noise emission during switching operation due to zero switching technology.
  • Specially designed in-built Snubber Card and Firing Card for smooth operation.
  • Long operation life.

Applications of TSM

  • Industries (like Welding loads , Nonlinear load)
  • VFD’s Drives , rolling mill loads etc.
  • Fast witching loads industries (like Rubber industries, food process industries

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