shunt reactor

For Transmission Line Capacitance & Reactive Power Compensation.

The medium & long transmission lines have large shunt capacitance associated with them, due to their long lengths. This shunt capacitance exists between any two phases of line as well as between phase and ground.

The Shunt Reactors are employed to sink the Reactive Power produced by the charging current caused by shunt capacitance of the transmission line. By consuming reactive power produced by shunt capacitance, shunt reactor maintains the voltage profile and power factor.


  • Compensation of Transmission Line/Cable Capacitance
  • Voltage profile improvement
Technical Data
System Voltage 415 V to 33 KV
Installation Type Indoor/Outdoor
Rated KVAR 5 KVAR to 3000 KVAR
Design Type 3 Ph, Fix/Variable, Dry/Liquid Immersed, Linear/Saturated, Air Cored/Gapped Core, With/Without Magnetic Shield

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