Electrical networks experience surges wherein a voltage or a current rises rapidly to unsafe values and destroys the dielectric insulation. These along with partial discharges are blamed for the majority of failures of electrical equipment of all types.
Surge capacitors work by absorbing the energy from electrical surges, providing protection to the equipment. Lightning or Switching surges can cause damage to the turn-to-turn insulation of rotary machines, transformers. Connecting surge capacitors line to ground at the motor terminals prevents this damage. For a more comprehensive protection scheme, surge capacitors may be used in conjunction with surge arresters. This surge pack modifies both the wave shape and magnitude

Salient Features
Raw Materials From Reputed Overseas and Genuine Manufacturers.
Installation Location Indoor or Outdoor, Can be mounted vertically or horizontally.
Enclosed or Open-air configurations.
Simple to install and requires no maintenance
Low loss, Longer life, Environment friendly, Leak-free terminations.
Product Range 0.1 µF, 0.125 µF, 0.25 µF, 0.5 µF
Voltage Range 440V to 40kV
Compile to IS 11548 (1986) and IEC 60871

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    •  High frequency transient over voltage surge suppression
    • Protection of HT motors, transformers, switchgears and generators from voltage spikes, surges and other transients etc
    • Reduced medium voltage motor failures from voltage surges due to lightning, faults, and switching events.
    • Reduced downtime and material waste from motor failure.
    • Bus duct Protection
    • Power generation and transmission sub stations (Generators, power station auxiliaries).
    • Pumping (Oil pipelines, water pumping stations).
    • Chemical and Petrochemicals industries
    • Induction and Arc furnaces.
    • Synchronous Condenser.
    • Along with Shunt Reactors

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