Tuned / Detuned Harmonic Filter Panel offered by us provides outstanding performance. In this filter panel, power quality is considered when filters are associated with reactive power compensation. The panel comprise of capacitors, that generates reactive power at the filter’s essential frequency and decrease the THDV, (I) of the system. The threat of technological mistake and turbulence is reduced by the harmonic filters. This will assist in decreasing the whole harmonic distortion in the system as per Relevant Standards like IEEE-519 / 2014 and guidelines of MSEDCL & other utilities.

  • Best possible power factor correction and filtering
  • Helps in reducing the total harmonic distortion in the system
  • No risk of congestion cables and nuisance tripping of fuses or relays
  • Disturbances in telecommunications and data transmission are minimized
  • Electronics, motors control systems, converters and generators function devoid of interruption

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