HT Reactors

Providing short time current for 2 seconds that is 16.66 times the rate current, the HT Reactors are made available to the clients in a variety of kinds such as dry type and oil natural cooled. The assortment of rectors is extensively used in diverse applications such as neutral end of capacitors, line end, harmonic suppression and in rush current restraining and fortuned applications.

Technical Data
50KVAr to 10MVAr
50KVAr to 10MVAr
Detuning factor
0.2% to 14%
Applicable standards
As per IS 5553 and IEC 60076-6
Line end/Neutral end of capacitors. For harmonic suppression and Inrush current limiting.
Low loss design with linearity more than 200%
Dry type, Copper or Aluminum wound
ERDA Certified

LT Reactors

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