Hybrid Broadband Passive Filter

Hybrid Broadband Passive Filters (HBPF) is a combination of series and shunt broadband filters. Variable frequency drives are beneficial for a wide range of applications; however, VFDs contain a power conversion process that creates current and voltage distortion which results in high harmonic levels. The Hybrid Broadband Passive Filter provides a cost-effective solution for achieving IEEE-519-1992 requirements. It not only limits current distortion to less than 8% (5-6% typical at 100% Load), it also corrects power factor to 0.99 & above at100% load).

Technical Data
Rated Voltage 415 +/- 10%
Motor Drive Input Same KW as VFD Rating
Operating Frequency 50/60 Hz +/- 2%
THDi/THDv As per IEEE 519:1992 Standard
Efficiency >98%
Overload Capacity 1.3 x Rated Current .. for 1 Min
Ambient Temperature 10-50 °C
Ambient Standard IEEE 519:1992 Standard
  • Hybrid Design – It is a combination of Series and Shunt Passive Filters.
  • Broadband Harmonic Filter – Targets all harmonics up to 19th order.
  • Provides Power Factor improvement and limits harmonic distortion.
  • Blocks Line Surges, Prevents voltage sags and swells.
  • Low self- consumption – about 1% of running load, non-over loadable.
  • Improves Energy Efficiency.
  • Emergency off switch provided to bypass shunt filter.
  • Protects Drives and other sensitive equipment.
  • Meets IEEE-519-2014 Standards.

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