lT Reactors

Technical Data
Single - Tap/Multi - Tap
6.25KVAr to 400KVAr
230V to 1000V AC, 50Hz/60Hz
Detuning Factor
0.2% to 14%
Applicable Standards
IS 5553 and IEC 60076-6

Clariant Power System Ltd, the Pioneers of Tapped Tuned Harmonic Filter Reactors have now received Type Test Certificate from Electrical Research and Development Association ERDA both for LT and HT Reactors. 

  • ERDA has certified Reactors manufactured by Clariant Power System Ltd as confirming to International Standards IEC60076 Part 6 and Indian Standards IS5553 Part 5 vide independent TYPE TEST Certificates.
  • We are giving Harmonic Mitigation solutions to Industries in India and overseas using Tuned Reactors both Single Tap version and Multi Tap version manufactured as per patented design.
  • Clariant Power System Ltd has documented evidence of having achieved acceptable mitigated Harmonic values at very critical installations having highly adverse initial Harmonic Spectrum and Harmonic levels with the application of Tuned Reactors alone without use of Active Harmonic Filters.
  • Harmonic Mitigation Solutions provided by CPSL are very competitively priced as the major harmonic mitigation is achieved with Tuned Passive Filters leaving only very fine correction to be addressed by Active Harmonic Filters.
  • We offers guaranteed Harmonic mitigation solutions and ensures third party certifications from Utility Companies to confirm statutory compliance.
  • Tuned Reactors from CPSL are of Extra Heavy Duty construction capable of absorbing three hundred percent of rated current continuously. 
  • The high current loading capacity is essential in view of the unpredictable hostile Harmonic environment in which the Reactor works and is expected to absorb the Harmonics instead of allowing them to travel to utility power system. 
  • Tuned Reactors are used in series with extra heavy Duty matching FRAKO Germany make Capacitors having continuous over current handling capacity of 270%.

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