The range of HT capacitor bank & associated equipment’s we offer, are widely known as high voltage power capacitors banks. These equipments include three-phase all film power and surge protection capacitors. The range of HT capacitor bank & associated equipment’s are known for their modern technology and helps customers in fulfilling their needs in various operating and climatic conditions. These equipment can be open or enclosed, high or low power, fixed power, integrated or for use with individual motors.

With reactive power compensation scheme power factor is improved and harmonics are suppressed leading to reduced electricity bill with convincing payback period.

Technical Data
System Voltage 3.3 KV, 6.6 KV upto 66 KV
Rated KVAR 400KVAR - 20KVAR
Type Fixed/Auto
Installation Indoor/Outdoor

HT Harmonic Filter (Indoor) AHPFC

Take a look at our Indoor  HT Harmonic Filter (AHPFC).  

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