Thyristor Switched Automatic Harmonic Filter Panel

Real Time Power Factor Control (RTPFC) Panels, generally well-known as” Thyristor Switched Automatic Harmonic Filter Panels” are ideal for eliminating power factor problems in real time for large systems with fluctuating loads. The assortment of panel constantly corrects the load power factor. The panel has better organization over maximum demand (MD) thus, compensation of reactive energy assists in attaining substantial savings and reduction in electricity bills by decreasing RKVAH and KVAH units.

We as Clariant Power System Limited are “First Indian Company to have received Type Test of RTPFC Panel at CPRI, Bangalore”

Technical Data
System Voltage
400 – 1000 V
Design voltage
525 - 2000 V
Rated KVAR
50 - 6000 KVAR
Response Time
< 20 ms
Switching Device
Applicable Standards
IEC 61921 for Capacitor Panel, IEC 61439 for Switchgear Assembly, IEC 60831/IS13340 for Power Capacitor

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