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The increased consumption of power electronics based electric loads or also termed as non-linear loads, generally distort the current & voltage waveforms causing it to be non-sinusoidal in nature at the consumer locations. These waveforms or Harmonics which are a multiple of fundamental frequency hamper the power quality and overall efficiency of electric power system.

active harmonic filters

Pure Sine Wavefrom

Active Harmonic Filters (AHF) today is designed to calculate the amplitude and phase angle of each harmonic order up to 71st Order Harmonics. The Active Filters is a very advanced power system device that is directed to produce a current of equal amplitude but in a counter shape. This limits the response to specific harmonic orders and may require less than one cycle (<100microseconds). It is a complete solution for harmonic filtering along with the improvement in power factor correction.

Clariant Power System’s AHF is a high-speed IGBT based device that is to be connected in parallel to the plant. It works by sensing electrical behaviour and instantly corrects the same. This is achieved by using intelligent precise control technology and sophisticated signal processing. The device constantly monitors and injects the compensation current for a single load as well as the whole plant on real-time basis. Neutral Current Compensation is also possible by using 3Ph, 4Wire AHF System.

Technical Data
System Voltage (RMS) 350 - 480 V
Rated Current Output (RMS) 50A / 100A / 150A / 200A / 300A / 400A / 500A / 600A
Power Semiconductor Device IGBTs (2-Level/3-Level Topology)
System Configurations 3P3W/3P4W (Single Phase Option Available)
Harmonic Compensation All odd harmonics up to 71st order “No limit on number of harmonic selection at a time”
Harmonic Attenuation Factor More than 97% of rated load
Control & Paralleling Method Adaptive Artificial Neural Network (ANN) based “Ultra-Fast Computation”
Active Power Losses Less than 3%
Noise Level < 65dB
Operating Temperature 0 to 50°C “No derating required in entire operating range”
Interface Ethernet/Web Server

Benefits of using an AHF:

  • Enhanced Power Quality due to pure sinusoidal plant current
  • Compliance to Power Quality Standards hence no harmonic penalties
  • Maintains Unity Power Factor operation thereby saving electricity bills as the tariff schemes
  • Reduced energy losses with improved plant efficiency
  • Reduced down time from unwanted tripping due to harmonics
  • Improve equipment life and ability of existing electrical infrastructure to operate at full load capacity

Unique Features

  • CSA-UL Certified
  • Current and sensor less control
  • Touch screen display with multiple monitoring options, 32 bit DSP technology, can be interfaced with Ethernet/web server
  • Both Harmonic Mitigation/Reactive Power – Dynamic KVAR Compensation will be achieved
  • Harmonics Mitigation up to 71st harmonic (No limit for the number of harmonic selection at a time)
  • Neutral Current Compensation, Non-over loadable, High Performance and Reliability
  • Insensitive to network conditions, voltage variations(flickers)
  • Compatible with all types of harmonic producing loads and future load changes
  • Flexible parallel operation modes for multi-unit installations
  • Easy sizing and independent of system impedance
  • Simple installation – Free standing, wall mounted and ease of expansion
  • Ensures energy efficiency by optimizing transformer and cable capacities; reduces utility power factor penalties; and saves the cost of generation and transmission of reactive and harmonic current (non-active Currents)

Major Industries where AHF is needed

  • Steel and Rolling Mill industries
  • Electric Arc Furnace , Induction Furnace
  • Captive Power Plants
  • Utilities , electric boards
  • VFD’S
  • Solar and Wind Powerplants
  • Commercial buildings , Data centers
  • Cranes, Hoists, etc.
  • Offshore

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