Fully automatic microprocessor based and easy commissioning, this Power Factor Control Relays are offered in a variety of PQC/PFC controlers. The range of relays has patented control attributes along with over current trip function and protection for the capacitors. Through self-alteration of control program, the relay four quadrant regulations, constantly monitors defective capacitor phases. These controls relay has automatic and manual function with capability to switch every individual capacitor stage ON or OFF. This shows zero current and zero voltage tripping with alarm indication. 

Technical Data
Patented Control Characteristics No overcompensation during low load
For Contactor / Thyristor switching
Fully Automatic Microprocessor based and simple commissioning
Measurement & monitoring of Harmonics
Manual/Automatic operation with ability to switch individual capacitor steps.
  • Automatic identification of voltage & current source
  • Automatic identification of connected capacitor stages
  • Automatic stage(c/k) identification
  • Easy sizing and independent of system impedance
  • Automatic setting of switching time delay
  • Specifying fixed stages
  • Setting capacitor discharge time
  • Setting Harmonic threshold
  • No voltage trip(Under voltage Monitoring)
  • Zero current trip

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