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What/How is the nature of Current waveform injected from Active Harmonic Filter?

a. Pure Sine Wavefrom

Active harmonic filters today are designed to calculate the amplitudes and phase angle of each harmonic order up to 71st Order Harmonics. The Active Harmonic Filter (AHF) is a very advanced system power device that is directed to produce a current of equal amplitude but counter shape. This limits the response to specific harmonic orders and may require less than one cycle (< 100microseconds). It is a complete solution for harmonic filtering along with the improvement in power factor correction.

It works by sensing electrical behaviour and instantly corrects the same. This is achieved by using intelligent precise control technology and sophisticated signal processing. AHF constantly monitor and inject the compensation current at real-time the most effective and reliable solution for power quality improvements.

AHF will generate the counter harmonic current to mitigate harmonics of local single load as well as the whole plant. Neutral current compensation is possible by using 3Ph, 4Wire AHF.

Technical Data
System Voltage (RMS)
380V - 690V
System Configuration
3 PH 3 W, 3 PH 4 W (Single phase option available)
Output Current
25 A – 600 A
Power Semiconductor Devices
Harmonic Compensation
All odd harmonics upto 71st order (No limit for number of harmonic selection at a time)
Harmonic Attenuation Factor
More than 97% of rated load
Active Power Losses
Less than 3%
Noise Level
< 65dB
Operating Temperature
0-50 °C
Ethernet/Web Server

Unique Features

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