(statcom/svg) Static compensator


We provide IGBT based power electronic active dynamic unit called STATCOM.

STATCOM is a Step less Variable Source of Reactive Power that can provide both Capacitive and Inductive power. It has distinct advantages and is ideal for demanding applications such as those prevailing during highly fluctuating load conditions and varying reactive power requirements of Grid connected power generating units. STATCOM for Grid Connected Solar Plants can provide Dynamic Reactive Power support for voltage Control.

The purpose of the Dynamic compensation system at solar power exporting facility is to minimize import of reactive power both inductive and capacitive from the Grid.

Statcom has multifold capabilities of

  • Reactive Power Compensation, Harmonic Filtration, flicker control, unbalance control etc.
  • Step-less compensation capable of injecting capacitive or inductive power on a real-time basis.
  • Voltage and Reactive Power control for stable power system operation
  • Reduced voltage fluctuations.
Technical Data
System Voltage (RMS) 350 - 480 V
Semiconductor Devices IGBT's (3-Level Topology)
Step-less Compensation Range -100 KVAR to +125 KVAR
Controller & Control Method ARM based MCU with Adaptive Artificial Neural Network (ANN)
Dynamic Response & Correction Time 100µs & 10ms
Parallel Communication CAN Bus / Mini USB
Parelleling Operation Upto 50 Modules
Parelleling Options Master-Slave / Multi-Master
Operating Temperature Range 0 to 50°C
Noise Level <65dB


Clariant Power System Limited’s Static VAR Generator (SVG) is a Step-less Solutions to improve Power Factor. The use of most advanced controllability of 3-Phase 3-Level IGBT based voltage source inverter architecture, CPSL SVG does precise power factor and unbalance correction without the need of any passive power factor correction capacitors. These SVGs are designed in stackable modular configuration for increased resilience, reliability and redundancy.

The real-time reference value of the reactive power output of the SVG is precisely calculated in real-time by adjusting waveshape, magnitude and phase angles as per the target power factor entered by the user, and voltage and current values.

CPSL SVGs are powered with a sophisticated Artificial Neural Network-based control algorithm to achieve a set power factor, while always working in the background for real-time loss minimization, to achieve improved energy efficiency.


  • Step-less Compensation (No Over/Under Compensation)
  • Bi-directional Reactive Power Compensation (Compensates both Inductive and Capacitive KVAR)
  • Near Unity P.F Correction at all load conditions
  • Low KVAR capacity dependency on grid fluctuations
  • No harmonic resonances/amplifications
  • Advanced technology and easy to use HMI Monitor with built-in-real-time measuring functionalities

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