MV/HT Harmonic Mitigation & Power Factor Improvement Capacitor Panels

All industrial and commercial sectors which are bulk consumers of Electricity need correctly and optimally designed PFC Systems to save maximum on energy bills and to avoid penalties on Harmonics.
With advanced methodology, Clariant Power System Limited design and manufacture customized Power Factor Correction Systems for Medium Voltage & High Voltage applications which provide combined solution for Power Factor Improvement and Harmonic Mitigation with convincing Payback/ROI.

Technical Data
System Voltage 3.3 KV to 33 KV
Rated KVAR 400 KVAR - 20 MVAR
System Configuration Single or Double Star
Switching Device Vacuum Contactor / Capacitor Switching
Harmonic Filtration With Detuned / Tuned / Tapped Tuned to 3rd, 5th, 7th, 11th, 13th
Type Fix / Automatic
Location Indoor / Outdoor


  • Improved KVA capacity utilization of Power Transformers
  • Reduced Voltage Drops, Improved Voltage Regulation
  • Auto Controlled Voltage support for Grid
  • Full utilization of installed capacity of generation, transmission and distribution leading to reduced fuel consumption
  • Reduction in line losses
  • Reduced electrical burden on cables and other electrical Components

Major Components Used:

  • MV APP Type Capacitor for P.F Improvement
  • MV Single Phase or Three Phase Iron Core or Air Core Series Reactor for Inrush Current Limiting & Harmonic Filtration
  • Panel/Structure Mounted Off Load Isolator with/without Earth Switch
  • Indoor/Outdoor type Vacuum Contactor for Capacitor Switching in case of APFC system
  • Residual Voltage Transformer (RVT) and Neutral Current Transformer (NCT ) for unbalance protection along with Neutral Displacement Relay (NDR) & Current Monitoring Relay (CMR)


  • Power Plant/Utilities/Substations
  • Cement Industries
  • Oil & Refinery Industries
  • Steel & Textile Industries

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